Introducing Team VolleyChick 2008

Team VolleyChick 2008

VolleyChick is proud to announce our team for the 2008 season. In addition to Cinta Preston and Beth Van Fleet, we welcome Angie Hall, Suzana Manole, Alicia Polzin, Lauren Mills, Jennifer Snyder, Janelle Ruen, Angela McHenry, Lisa Rutledge, Paige Davis and Kim McGiven to our family. We are thrilled to have such a wonderful group of women representing VolleyChick and look forward to the start of the season. To learn more about our players, go to our team page and check out thier profiles.

Thank you to our calendar photographers

VolleyChick would like to thank all the great photographers who contributed to our 2008 calendar and player profiles, we truly appreciate their support and talent.

Richard Brill - website:
Dan Eidsmoe
John Geldermann - website:
Patrick Mann
Chris Rembold -
Rich Schaub -

New items in our CP store

VolleyChick's Curt design features special logo text created by Curt mixed with shots of some of our own team players in a collage of action. Girls rock - but Chick's Rule, this design is what we're all about here at VolleyChick. Our digits design features stylized text with VC and VolleyChick, sweet and simple.

Curt Chick's Rule Digits

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